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i think about post-mind control clint barton a lot

clint barton, who, after fighting off an alien invasion, goes to a safe house somewhere on the edge of the city and lays around for a week, not doing anything but eating and sleeping. nat calls him a few times - he lets her go to voicemail, and after a while, she stops. he needs space, and she knows what that feels like, so she leaves him alone.

after a week, though, he get up from his bed and gets dressed; he goes to work, and when his colleagues glance at him with concern and suspicion, he ignores them. he goes to the range and imagines loki’s face on the target (he hits the bullseye every single time)

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One of my favorite crafts, repurposing jewelry. Loft jewelry works very well for this as the metal components are very thick and strong. Out of one long necklace (9.00$) I now have two earring sets and a shorter necklace.

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Mom, why did Elsa's parents keep her locked up?
Sometimes parents make bad choices.
Can you write that down for me and sign it?

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